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Staff Picks Top Five Advanced XC Trails :

ZAPPA TRAILS – area has many trails ranging from difficult to easy. Evey singletrack crosses the main fire roads at least every mile so if you do not like the trail, you can ride the fire road for a few seconds and almost instantly find another trail! A lot of the trails in this network are named after Frank Zappa Songs.

It is a good place to get used to the area and some of the rides around here. Small log bridges, rocks, and roots to navigate. The technical areas are good for starting and most of a resonably safe exit if you can’t make it.

The trails also tend to cross a number of major paths. You’ll need to keep looking to make sure you stay on the single track and not to miss any of the fun.Zappa Trails have a great mix of technical climbs and decsents, ladder bridges and skinnies, and buff swoopy sections.

The trail can be a fast 30 to 40 minute ride from end to end or a 2 hour ride depending on how you connect the trails together within Lost Lake Park.

Every year the trail network gets better in Lost Lake Park because more sections are added by the municipality’s trail builders.



CUT YER BARS – is a network of trails located between the subdivisions of Nester’s and Tapley’s Farm. Cut Yer Bars represents an intermediate to expert network with numerous trail, each with special challenges, all contained within Highway 99 to the east and Lorimar Road and Tapley’s Farm to the south and west.

To the north, the power lines mark the boundary.Within this narrow corridor, lots of trails offer all manner of challenges, from stiff wheelie drops to log obstacles to tight lines and narrow chutes.

Expect some challenging singletrack through tight trees, over rocks and roots, and a handful of man-made wooden and natural features. A number of expert downhill runs, including Shits and Giggles, less than 300 meters in length, start at various points along the main trail. All are rated expert (double black). Cut Yer Bars is less than 1.5 km long, but can be looped with Roll Yer Bones for a fun filled advanced x-country/all-mountain ride.If you’re looking to get out for a quick spin on the bike after work, this area may just do the trick.

This little network is centrally located with parts recently rebuilt for a flowier ride. This trail is a staple of Whistler riding and is one of the first to open up each year as the snow melts. Branching off of it are the techncial and expert descents of Hand of Doom, Shits and Giggles, and Suicycle.



RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT - is not a beginner trail and as it is lowland should not be ridden when it is too wet. River is a huge favourite with the free-ride crowd and off ers a great environment to improve your technical skills without any dangerous exposure (Except maybe “The Log”).

For the full pull of River you must enter via the Emerald Forest Road which is found across the River of Golden Dreams at the bottom of Lorimer Rd. After the bridge and the rail tracks the road leads left of the toboggan park. 100 meters or so past the next clearing River dives off to the left.If you get to Alta Lake Rd you’ve gone too far.

This is a fairly technical route and unless you are an expert there may be a bit of hike-ling. Left and down on Bart’s Dark Trail (An old logging skid road) will get you (with or without some cool, left hand diversions) to the Rainbow Trailhead parking lot which divides River in two and is located 500 meters north of Rainbow Park on the east side of the Alta Lake Rd.

The southern section of River is a little more user friendly and drops in a few meters east of the parking lot. The trail emerges on Alta Lake Road a few hundred meters north of Rainbow Park across from the cemetery and can be ridden from that end as well.



KILL ME THRILL ME – has all the trademarks of a Chris Markle project. It’s well crafted, has beautiful flow and takes advantage of wonderful natural features. It begins quickly 200 meters or so north of the Cougar Mountain turnoff on the west side of Hwy 99 (just before the curve) and never really lets up.

It is classic Whistler cross country/free-ride with no sustained climbs but lots of short intense bursts; up and down.The features are mostly natural with the man made stuff only there to avoid terrain damage or support the natural flow.It ends, too soon, back on Hwy 99 a couple of kilometers north of the Wedge turnoff.

This amazing trail at the north end of town will challenge you with its steep, twisty, and technical climbs, and thrill you with its rock descents and great views. It’s an early season favourite, as it is often one of the first trails to be snow free in the spring.

There are a number of features varying in difficulty built all along this great little singletrack trail to keep all riders on their toes. Most of the ride is deep within the forest; however, a few short breaks offer amazing views of Green River below.

A short fun little section along the powerlines offers some rock riding and boulder hoping.The trail eventually ends at Highway 99, 13 kilometers north of Whistler.


TRAIN WRECK – is an easy, quick and close trail. The trail is great for people who are visiting Whistler for the first time. The trail follows the Checamus River off the end of Function Junction. The river is very deep and powerful; it carves its way into the rocky landscape.

The trail is not too well maintained, but do not under any circumstances use the actual train tracks as they may still be in use.The Train Wreck is the debris left from a train crash in 1957 or 1958.

A freight train managed to crash off the tracks at high speed a few kilometers south of what is now Function Junction. It was deemed to expensive to perform a full clean up, back at a time when Whistler really was the middle of no-where, rather than the luxury resort town it is today.

The result is seven box-cars scattered in the forest some distance form the tracks, one perilously close to falling into the Cheakmaus river.

What some may consider pollution of a natural landscape, Whistler’s modern vibrant residents saw as a great opportunity to create not just a unique bike trail but also an art gallery.


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