Road Bike Trails

Highway 99 – 99er is an excellent technical trail that is ususally combined with Cheap Thrills or Danimal. It offer typical Whistler riding featuring numerous logs, rock drops and bridges.

A relatively short descent that feels like it must drop more than it does. Lots of little tricky sections to keep you on your toes means that you’ll be walking lots if you aren’t a fairly skilled rider.

This trail is great because of its accesible nature, the climb to it is paved road.

An advanced singletrack descent that connects Lower Sproat & South Danimal, 99er offers a variety of terrain that offers a little for everyone.

Ride direction: South

The trail branches off of Lower Sproat by Beaver Pond and is a great finish to anyone riding Cheap Thrills.

The trail starts at the intersection of Cheap Thrills and Lower Sproatt.

The best way to access the trail is to ride up Stonebridge Drive and look for a Lower Sproatt trail marker on the left-hand (uphill) side. Ride up Lower Sproatt, passing a beautiful lake and look for a trail marker after about 1km.